Had an amazing time and loved the photoshoot. Catherine was polite & friendly and made you feel comfortable during the shoot. She is incredibly talented and I'm truly happy I went on this experience.


Can I just say I love you Cat!!! You literally made me and my best friend feel so comfortable and it was so easy with you!! The fun facts, drink breaks and conversation was great! Can’t wait to receive the pictures!


We had the MOST FUN! The photos look incredible and it was a really informative, fun time where I felt like we really got to immerse in Toronto culture. So glad to have had this adventure!

Laney/August 2018

It was so fun! I went with my 19yr old daughter as part of my birthday weekend! You feel comfortable with Catherine straight away! We were laughing and trying different poses in no time. We are looking through the photos now and they look amazing! 

Rachel / August 2018

Cat is AMAZING! If you’re shy, no worries her enthusiasm will make you come alive! She is extremely professional and just a joy to be photographed by! Kind spirit and I highly recommend her! Thanks Cat:)

Deja/ August 2018

Catherine was an absolute pleasure, from the first second I booked til the end. She communicated perfectly and promptly, and made the best of the rainy weather. Her ease and calm helped the day run smooth. Also her assistant Katherine was there guiding and instructing me to help with positions and little insights as well. Both ladies are amazing and I'm truly grateful and happy I booked! Highly recommend.

Amanda /July 2018

It was a really nice experience, I highly recommend it! Catherine and her assistant are very polite and make you feel comfortable during the shooting. Catherine is open to new ideas from the person who booked the shooting, so you can tell her what you'd like in the background etc. I received the pictures very quick, I love that she's sending all of the pictures from the shooting. Many photographers don't do that. So, you can select yourself which one's you like and don't like which is perfect!

Janine/ June 2018

I’ve been procrastinating on writing this review because it was so perfect. Cat & her assistant Kat were veryyyyy patient and helpful. I’m a person that hates ppl taking pics of me but it seemed like a good idea since it was my first time in Toronto and I’ll tell you it was the best literally!!!! I was almost overwhelmed by the amount of pics she’d take lol, especially because I suck at posing which they do help you out with. She’d always ask, “you want anymore pics here” lol. Kat even took a few photos off my iPhone for me. I found the history behind the artwork interesting and the coffee included at the beginning was a plus. They also were so helpful with any other info we needed. This is also a perfect experience by yourself and if you wanna make some friends :) i feel like I could run on and on about how perfect this was but I shouldn’t just book the experience! Now!

Kelley/June 2018