Pure Light Preset Collection

Quick. Consistent. Stunning.

"Alannah Mae"

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Want beautifully edited photos in the click of a button?

I'm so excited to be offering my presets for the first time ever! These presets are the perfect weapon to help you speed up your workflow in Lightroom and keep your social media/portfolio consistent. I use these 19 presets as the base for almost every photo I edit, and then tweak according to my preferences.

The whimsical and romantic tones in the presets are perfect for developing stunning portrait, travel, and lifestyle images. I know you'll love these presets as much as I have enjoyed making them!

Much love,

Cat xo

"Aurora Ember "

"Ari Rivers"

"Autumn Estelle"

"Daisy Jove"

"Londyn Rose"

For every purchase made, a portion goes back into different social impact organizations committed to helping our community + planet

Disclaimer - the PURE LIGHT PRESETS are for Adobe Lightroom on a computer and are intended for RAW + JPEG photos.The examples seen above were all done with one click, NO TWEAKING. However, presets work differently on every photo depending on lighting, colours, etc. You will likely need to tweak the presets a bit when using to get the best results.