• Catherine Goncalves

Depth Over Distance

I often feel like I need to cross an ocean to get beautiful “post worthy” (what does that even mean??) photos, and as a student on a budget that’s just not realistic. It’s little local adventures like these with people who bring joy to me daily that make me crave a little less distance & a little more depth in my life.

Like many of us, I'm incredibly guilty of falling into the social media trap- comparing myself to what I see on Instagram as I scroll day and night. Part of me is so sick of the saturated content I see all the time, and the other part of me desperately wants a piece of the cake (speaking of cake, I'm now starving).

I love the editing process. Taking any photo and transforming it, not always knowing what it's going to look like brings me a lot of joy intrinsically. Ironically, editing photos has allowed me to distance myself from drinking the kool-aid. I know how much time, effort, presets, Luts and editing goes into a single photo or video. I know that it's not real, and the amount of behind the scenes that goes into making a shot effortless. AND I have incredible respect for the people who do it. Who push artistic boundaries, sacrifice sleep to catch a sunrise, and use their platforms to inspire others to be socially responsible.

Believing the stories we tell through 1080px x 1080px photos on a grid is a disservice to the sheer complexity, and beauty of our lives that we live in-between each and every post. Every smile, laugh, hug, and act of kindness we each take part in couldn't ever fit in those boxes. And we shouldn't try and make them.